Cultivation Practices

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Καλλιεργητικές Πρακτικές

Cultivation Practices

The agricultural practices applied:

They are based on the connection of the traditional way of production with modern scientific knowledge

They aim to create strong & healthy plants & animals within a healthy environment.

Zero use of chemicals. Avoidance of all forms of environmental pollution.

Minimization of agricultural supplies coming from third parties.

Utilization of 100% of crop residues and animal organic waste for the production of high fertilizing value "compost".

Application of green manure, crop rotation and joint cultivation of plants, with respect and positive utilization of natural ecological balances, in order to reduce (to zero) the required inputs.

Reduction to a minimum of energy needs and the use of renewable energy sources (photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, etc.) to cover most of the energy needs.

Ensuring that farmed animals live conditions such that allow the development of the basic aspects of their innate behavior.

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