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το όραμα μας

About Us

Bio Net West Hellas Vision

With the application of Organic Farming, we envision to develop a comprehensive system of agricultural production (plant and animal products) with the main purpose of producing products of high biological value without the use of agrochemicals, genetically modified organisms, hormones and antibiotics in order to restore and maintain biological balances within the framework of farms and the wider environment.

The region of Western Greece

is considered as the Natural Park of Greece, due to its special natural beauty that has remained mostly untouched, due to the minimal industrial development and the minimal development of forms of mass tourism in the wider region.
The diverse natural environment of Western Greece, composed of its mountains, deep river ravines, large and small lakes and large lagoons, is characterized by rich ecosystems of rare ecological value. The large lagoons at the mouth of the numerous rivers of the region and its numerous lakes constitute the largest wetland complex in the Mediterranean.

το όραμα μας

Our central philosophy

The space in which we live is a natural-cultural unit, in which we are called to integrate human activity. In no way do we consider nature as a tool for satisfying human desires.

Our main concern

is to achieve the health and resilience of plants and animals, which comes from the implementation of a closed production circuit using the smallest possible volume of inputs.

Our main goal

The production of agricultural products of high biological value & quality, prioritizing the preservation of natural wealth & ecological sustainability, seeking to maintain stable economic, social & cultural prosperity of our producers-members.

Our desire

To offer authentic foods with traditional Mediterranean flavors that remain unforgettable, completely free of any kind of chemical residues, without Genetically Modified Organisms, while ensuring the health of consumers and protecting the environment from chemical & genetic contamination.

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