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Promotion on the international market "EU ORGANIC"

The “EU Organic” project is a project to promote European organic products in third countries, Switzerland, Norway & South Korea, with the aim of informing consumers in these countries about organic production in the EU.

Project number: 101046092

Project name: Information and promotion measures for organic products in South Korea, Norway and Switzerland

Project acronym: EU ORGANIC


Type of action: AGRIP Project Grants

Granting authority: European Research Executive Agency

Project start date: 1st July 2022

Project duration: 36 months

Implementation & Objective

The implementation of the “EU Organic” project has been assigned by the European Union to the consortium consisting of the Agricultural Cooperative of Organic Producers of Western Greece “Bio Net West Hellas”, which is responsible for the coordination of the program and the Bulgarian Association of Organic Products.

The action focuses on the specific objective of raising awareness and recognition of EU quality schemes and increasing the market share of EU agricultural products in the above-mentioned third countries. It also serves the general objective of the call to improve the competitiveness of the EU agricultural sector. The aim of the action is to generate new knowledge about organic production and the advantages of European Union agricultural products within the three-year period of the action. The communication mix of the action has been carefully selected to raise awareness of organic products at the levels described in the specific objective of the action. All EU organic producers and especially Greek & Bulgarian producers, will benefit from the action, as it focuses on EU organic production as a whole and the informative nature of the action gives positive publicity to organic.

The aim of both associations is to inform consumers in Switzerland, Norway & South Korea about organic production in the EU, including Greece and Bulgaria. Thus, the product range promoted by the two organizations includes typical organic foods such as citrus fruits, watermelons, melons, kiwis, olives, olive oil, honey & wine from Western Greece, but also Bulgarian organic wines, tahini, honey, herbs and other standardized products.

EU Organic


The programme supports European organic farming, an agricultural production method aimed at producing food using natural substances and processes. This type of agriculture tends to have a limited impact on the environment, as it promotes responsible use of energy and natural resources, preserving biodiversity, maintaining regional ecological balance, improving soil fertility and maintaining water quality.

During the 1st year of implementation of the program (2022-2023) the following actions have been carried out:

  • Participation in 3 International Food Exhibitions (one in each country)
  • Advertisements of organic food in dozens of magazines in 3 countries

  • Screening of 10 promotional videos on the advantages of organic food on TVs & social media in the 3 countries

  • Meetings with organic food importers operating in these countries
  • Visits of traders and journalists from the 3 countries, in Western Greece & Bulgaria, in order to get to know locally produced organic food and get in touch with local producers.

Please visit, website for additional information.

EU Organic
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