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Saltos Farm

image071   Saltos farms are in the beautiful  Valley of the Acheloos River, 12 km from the town of Mesolonghi. They belong to the Saltos family and are farmed by the youngest son Giorgos Saltos and his mother Athanasia Saltou. They are some of the earliest organic farmers in Etoloacarnania prefecture, co-founders of the West Hellas Group and have been practicing organic farming for over 15 years.



   This farm of 156 acre, consists from 89 acres of Oranges (Navelina, Moro &  Valencia) ,      17 acres of Tangerines (Clementine  &  Nova) and 50 acres of rotating crops (alfalfa, various vegetables and maize). The citrus orchard ends virtually on the bank the Acheloos.  The micro-climate created due to the proximity to the Acheloos River,  helps accelerate the natural ripening of the fruit and gives them their exquisite taste for which they are famous to their clients all over Europe.

Giorgos Saltos with visiting friends from the German organic firm Ecofit, with an exotic fruit from his farm. 


 image075  The fertilization of the citrus in the farm is achieved by means of scattering organic compost over the whole area in early autumn and then a mixed sowing of vets and oats, after the first rains. Vetch and oats plants are cut with a cutting machine in the middle of spring and create a thick layer of natural green manure for the trees.  Growing vetch and oats together, reduces to a large extent the growth of self-sown plants and also, the green manure combined with the organic compost provides excellent nutrition to the soil, eliminating any need for further fertilizing. This combination helps activate and propagate all those organisms that create a healthy and alive soil.

Giorgos Saltos with visiting friends from the Dutch organic firm Eosta, in his Valencia oranges orchard.

The owners of the farm are checked and certified by the certification body  IRIS (GR-BIO-06) and have the following numbers of certification:

  • SALTOU ATHANASIA: 632-7446-21-10
  • SALTOS GEORGIOS: 632-7447-21-10