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Kapotis Farm


Kapotis Ktima is a farm open to visitors that encompasses innovative ideas for agritourism and visits to nature. It is on the slopes of the Acarnanian Mountains at an altitude of 550m, 30 km from the city of Agrinio in Etoloacarnania. It belongs to the Kapotis family and is farmed by Giorgos Kapotis, his wife Kapoti-Siozou Evangelia and their daughter Evanthia.

Giorgos Kapotis is an agriculturist, greatly experienced in cultivations, one of the earliest organic farmers in Etoloacarnania prefecture and has been practicing organic farming for over 15 years.




Giorgos Kapotis in front of a newly-planted vineyard

It covers 70 acres,  50 of which are an organic vineyard with various noble varieties, both Greek ( Malagouzia, Asyrtiko, Agiorgitiko et.c) and European ones (Chardonnay, Chauvignon, Cabernet, Syrah et.c), and 20 acres with fruit and vegetables.

 It has a modern winery, cellar, a bottling and packaging for organic wines, as well as 3 self-contained stone tourist residences (maisonettes), with a total capacity of 14 beds. They are beautifully set in the vineyard farm.  The nature is unique as the vineyards are bordered by the lush Acarnanian Mountains with their endless clumps of deciduous trees and the unique fur-tree forest (Abies Cephalonica sp.)

The lower side of the farm looks out on the beautiful artificial lake of the Achyron Dam.

The self-contained tourist cottages in the vineyard

The power supply of the farm is provided by a photovoltaic park in the farm.

The visitor can enjoy the beautiful, unspoiled scenery and savor the unique taste of the organic wines of the farm.

The owners of the farm are checked and certified for their organic methods by the certification body QWAYS (GR-BIO-04) and have the following certification numbers:                KAPOTI EVANTHIA: 01004011                                                                                                      KAPOTI-SIOZOU EVANGELIA: 01012307