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  • ΒioNet West Hellas is the biggest and most powerful group of organic producers in Greece..
  • We occupy more than 12 years in organic farming and our main concern is to achieve this awareness towards nature as we avoid using chemicals, hormones or antibiotics.
  • Instead, environmentally friendly methods have been, introduced in order to retain the ecosystem..
  • More than 200 of the organic farmers are members of ΒΙΟ NET WEST HELLAS.

Our feta is produced from the milk of  sheep and goats, which are organically reared free in mountainous areas of Western Greece.

We produce the following three basic types of feta.
A)    made exclusively of sheep’s milk
B)    made from sheep milk 70% and goat’s milk 30%
C)    made again from sheep’s milk 80% and goat’s milk 20%.

The acidity of the used milk is less than 23 o D,   PH  greater of 6.55
and fat content  5.8-6.0%.

The milk is pasteurised at 68-70 degrees C and after freezing it at 32-34 degrees C.

We then add milk acid bio-additives,  using yogurt approx. 0.3-0.5% .

The milk is thickened  using rennet. This is  made by the cheese makers in the old traditional way, from the stomachs of  sheep and goats before they stop taking their mother’s milk.
When the processing of the thickening is finished, it is  put into  stainless steal drums, where it stays  for 1-2 days to drain.

Then it is the salted with thick granules of pure sea salt from the Mesolongi lagoon and it takes 2-3 days  until the salt content reaches around 3%.

After 1-2 weeks the cheese is  put in layers in wooden barrels inside brine, with salt content of around 7-8%.
Then the barrels are sealed and are ready to mature in dark and cool rooms, in a temperature of around 14-16 degrees C,  with high `humidity until they reach PH of 4.4-4.6.
Later on the barrels are put into a cold store at 3-4 degrees C,  and left there for at least 2 months  until are fully matured .

The average composition of our feta cheese is:
Moister:                  52.90%
Fat:                        26.17% ( or 43% if dried)
Whole protein:         16.71%
Lactose:                  0.17%
Chlorium natrium:     2.94%
PH:                         4.41